Cal 1 Card

Your Cal 1 Card is your photo identification card. As a student of UC Berkeley, you are required to have a Cal 1 Card.

Cal 1 Card Uses

Your Official University Photo ID 

Your Cal 1 Card is your official campus ID. As a student, you’ll use your Cal 1 Card several times a day while on campus. For example, you’ll need your Cal 1 Card to sign in at the residence halls, ride free on all AC Transit buses, vote in ASUC elections, and access your meal plans at the Cal Dining locations. Your Cal 1 Card will provide you access to sporting events, the Recreational Sports Facility, and free admission at the Berkeley Art Museum. Always carry your Cal 1 Card to enjoy all these benefits and more.

Debit Account

It comes with your Cal 1 Card, and it doesn’t cost you anything! You won’t carry cash or credit cards anymore--just swipe your card and go. Enjoy quick and easy purchases at over 40 on and off campus merchant locations. Check your account balance, transaction history, and make easy deposits to your Cal 1 Card debit account from the convenience of your home or office computer at: 

Meal Purchases

If you wish to dine at the residence halls and campus restaurants, your meal points are accessed at Cal Dining locations by swiping your Cal 1 Card. You can use these points at all Cal Dining Commons, campus restaurants, the Recreational Sports Facility Pro Shop, and the Golden Bear Center Produce Stand.

Building Access 

Your Cal 1 Card serves as a “key” that can be used to gain access to several locked buildings on campus. Many campus departments allow students or employees to register for proximity card access. Each campus department with a card access system has a card key administrator who reviews and requests the levels of access for individuals to their buildings. These access requests are submitted electronically to UC Police Department. Limited sites are allowed to input access levels directly into the central access system. Please see your department’s card key administrator for access.


The Bear Pass is a pre-paid transit option for faculty, staff, post-doctorates, and visiting scholars. It allows UC Berkeley employees to take unlimited trips on AC Transit buses for a low monthly fee, which can be paid with pre-tax payroll deductions for even more savings. The Bear Pass is separate from your Cal 1 Card, and is distributed by Parking & Transportation. For more information on current prices and how to purchase, please visit Bear Pass for Faculty and Staff.

Attending Campus Events or Other Services

The Cal Libraries, Cal Performances, Cal Athletics, University Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive, and other campus service providers grant access to their services and events by verifying affiliation via your Cal 1 Card. The Cal 1 Card provides ticketless entry to athletic events for students, faculty, and staff. If you purchased an electronic ticket for a football or basketball game, your Cal 1 Card will be swiped to provide easy entry. Other sports are usually free for students with a current Cal 1 Card.

University Health Services

All students, faculty, and staff can receive basic health care at University Health Services with their Cal 1 Card. University Health Services accepts the Cal 1 Card Debit Account as payment for all services at the Tang Center, including: prescriptions and over-the-counter items, physical therapy, lab tests, allergy and travel medications, radiology, and more. 

Recreational Sports Facility

Going to the gym is as easy as bringing your Cal 1 Card. It gives you access to the RSF, Strawberry Canyon, and other Recreational Sports locations, as well as eligibility to play in intramural sports. Don't forget that you can also use your Cal 1 Card Debit Account to buy refreshments at the RSF Pro Shop. You must have a current membership in order to use Rec Sports facilities. 

CalNet ID

The CalNet ID is your self-selected username. The CalNet ID is used in conjunction with a corresponding passphrase for access to many web-based campus services. In order to establish your CalNet credentials (i.e. CalNet ID and passphrase), you must obtain a CalNet token from either a departmental CalNet deputy or from the Cal 1 Card office. Once you have established your CalNet credentials, you should protect them as carefully as you would your other personal IDs such as Social Security or credit card numbers. Your CalNet credentials can be used to access confidential information such as grades and financial records. If you need help with your CalNet credentials, or if you forget them, please visit the Cal 1 Card office or send an e-mail request for assistance to More information about CalNet is also available on the CalNet web site at:

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