Dining Locations

A campus map indiciating location and operating hours of the Crossroads Dining Hall and retail locations will be provided at check- in.

The University may change the hours and/or locations of service within the University's reasonable discretion. Hours and menus may vary throughout the summer, but will be posted at Crossroads and the retail locations.

Crossroads Dining Hall

Located at 2415 Bowditch Street, this is the primary dining facility for the summer session student meal plan. Dining service is buffet style and provides unlimited portions. The facility is open 7 days per week for 3 meals per day (except on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017 when only brunch and dinner will be served).

Crossroads is the first green-certified building on Berkeley’s campus and the nation's first organic certified kitchen on a college campus.

Crossroads features nine distinct stations: world cuisine, Mexican, freshly baked pizza, made-to-order deli, organic salad bar, comfort foods, vegetarian/vegan, grilled entrées, bakery and dessert selections and a variety of homemade soups, cereals, and beverages.

Meals are not available at Clark Kerr, Foothill, Martinez Commons or Café 3.

On-Campus Retail Locations

The Golden Bear, Brown's, Qualcomm, and The Pro Shop.

These locations offer a variety of grab-and-go and hot meal options.

The Den

Located at 2415 Bowditch Street, next to Crossroads, The Den features Peet's Coffee & Tea, made-to-order deli and bagel bar, smoothies, and grab-and-go items.