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Cal Housing Assignments Office

Beginning July 12th, 2021 The Cal Housing Assignments Office will be open to the public Monday - Friday from 1pm - 4pmOur office will continue to offer virtual appointments to students Monday - Friday from 10am - 12pm

Visitors must wear face coverings in the Cal Housing office.

We will limit in-person interactions to 15 minutes or less, for the sake of public health.  If you have a lengthier inquiry please sign up for a virtual appointment or call us using the instructions below.  If an in-person interaction exceeds 15 minutes, our staff will ask to move the conversation to the phone or to a virtual setting.

Find our office contact information below.


General Office email (Preferred communication): 
Phone Service: (510)-642-4108 M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm 

Virtual Appointments*: Virtual appointments are ideal for single undergraduate students who have several questions or who have in-depth inquiries about their housing.  For individual or quick questions, we encourage you to email our office.  We ask students to limit their questions to 20-25 mins in these virtual appointments, to be thoughtful of our staff's time and the needs of other students.

To schedule a virtual appointment with a member of the Undergraduate Residence Hall team please use this link: 

*For questions, concerns, or meetings with Family Student Housing (, Graduate Student Housing (, or Summer Housing (, please contact them directly via the email address that is provided. 

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