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Explore Berkeley

Now that you’re in your room, what’s next? Discover what Berkeley and the Bay Area have to offer. Strike out and explore! Start your Berkeley Bucket List so you don’t miss out on anything.

Check off some campus-related tasks to make life easier later in the semester.

  • Get your AC Transit Class Pass Clipper Card, that gives you free, unlimited rides on AC Transit (the East Bay’s public bus system) and on BearTransit campus shuttles. You can also load money in your account to ride BART.
  • Think about your personal finances and get access to a local bank. You can also check out these tips for finding a bank that aligns with your values and lifestyle, courtesy of BMO Bank*, the official bank of UC Berkeley. It’s worth taking a moment to consider what your bank does with your money. When you’re ready to choose your bank, be prepped with these 8 questions.
  • Check that you have a meal plan that meets your needs.
  • Download Adobe and Microsoft applications for free: Students may download and use Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise from Software Central. Students can download the latest version of Office or Office for Mac using Microsoft Office 365 from Software Central.
  • Transfer your medical records if your primary medical care will be provided by the Tang Center.
  • Check that your immunizations are current. First-time enrollees who are under 19 by the first day of class must provide proof of Hepatitis B immunization as a condition of enrollment. It is also strongly recommended that you update childhood vaccination (including chicken pox, MMR, and tetanus).
  • Look for a campus job if you plan to work while in school.
  • Library tours and workshops will help you learn about the resources available before your first research paper is due.
  • Update WarnMe contact info. By default WarnMe will send a message to your official email address in the CalNet directory. To receive WarnMe emergency warnings via any other method, such as by text or phone, you must update your WarnMe options. WarnMe is an opt-out service.

*BMO Bank is a Member of FDIC.