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Family Student Housing Rental Agreement Process

Family Student Housing applicants can provide housing preferences for several different apartment types on their application. Cal Housing tries to offer the first-ranked housing preference, if possible. If an applicant’s first preference is not available by their preferred move in date, we will try to offer another housing type on the preference list. If an applicant lists only one preference, we will only be able to consider the applicant for that type of apartment. It is in an applicant’s best interest to be as flexible as possible in listing and accepting housing preferences.

Please bear in mind that, typically, demand for Family Student Housing is high and the wait list to receive housing is extensive. In order to accommodate as many students as possible in a timely manner, the deadline for replying to a housing offer is 48 hours from when the email offer is sent.

If you are offered and accept an apartment:

  • you will be asked to sign a month-to-month rental agreement
  • you must submit a security deposit and an advance payment of one month of rent to secure the apartment

If you decline the first offer:

  • you will be moved to the end of the wait list

If you are offered university housing and do not respond to the offer by the deadline:

  • your offer will be rescinded

  • you will be moved to the end of the wait list

  • you can continue to remain on the wait list by updating your preferred move in date on the housing portal.

For Family Student Housing wait list information please go here: Family Student Housing waiting list