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Continuing Student FAQs

What is the lottery system and how do I get the room that I want?

Students who apply for housing by the deadline are assigned a random lottery number. The Assignments Office uses these lottery numbers in conjunction with the student's top five preferences to assign spaces to applicants. If your first choice is unavailable, we will look at your second, third, etc. Remember, in order to broaden your chances of receiving a housing offer you will need to agree to consider an offer that is not among your top five preferences.

How do I request the roommate I want?

You may request roommates by creating a roommate group.  The group leader will need to look up and invite each student using the Student Identification (SID) number.  Each person will need to confirm their membership in the roommate group for our office to review their request.  We try our best to honor roommate requests, but are sometimes unable to do so. We recommend all members of the roommate group have identical housing preferences to maximize the chance of being placed together.

How can I apply for the apartments?

You can apply through the Housing portal for the Channing-Bowditch, Wada, Martinez Commons, Clark Kerr ApartmentsGarden Village, and New Sequoia apartments. Please note that the apartments are reserved for upper-division undergraduate students. 

How do I know if I'm eligible for the apartments? I will have junior credits, does that count?

Apartments run by the University are reserved mostly for upper division students. This means that you must have sophomore standing, not including AP credits, by the term for which you are applying for housing, with the exception of Martinez Commons where second year sophomores as well as upper division students can apply.

When are the next year room rates posted?

Due to budget cycles and the rate certification process, room rates for the next academic year are posted in late February.

What is the difference between small, standard, large and premium rooms? Why is the premium room more costly?

For 2020-2021 premium rooms are located in Blackwell Hall.  Premium rooms are typically in newer buildings with newer amenities, and therefore are priced differently than standard rooms in other locations.  Blackwell is a premium building with new construction with a large gym, well appointed common spaces and floor lounges, and cutting-edge amenities in student rooms.

For 2020-2021, premium apartments are available in Clark Kerr.  Clark Kerr premium apartments are recently renovated and come with new finishes and a spacious floor plan. 

For 2020-2021, Clark Kerr campus has triple large rooms available.  Standard triple rooms include bunk beds.  Clark Kerr triple large rooms are larger bedrooms that allow all three students to have a bed on the ground, with no bunk beds.  

For 2020-2021, Unit 1 and Unit 2 minisuite buildings have triple minisuite small rooms.  These rooms are smaller in size than other triples in these locations and have only two closets.  Therefore, they are priced more affordably.

What is the difference between a large triple room and a standard triple room in Clark Kerr?

Clark Kerr standard triple rooms have a smaller floor plan and contain bunk beds.  Students in Clark Kerr large triple rooms pay a higher rate for a room that is larger with sufficient space for all beds to be on the ground.

What is the difference between a typical triple mini-suite room and a small triple mini-suite room?

Triple mini-suite rooms are larger rooms with three closets provided.  Small triple mini-suites are slightly more affordable than triple mini-suite rooms.  They are smaller rooms that have only two closets, to be shared by three residents.  Both rooms include three beds, desks, dressers, and chairs, and share a semi-private bathroom with another room in the mini-suite.

What does a minisuite look like?

A minisuite consists of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, all with a separate, locked entrance. The minisuites have two bedrooms; some consist of two double rooms, some consist of one double bedroom and one triple room.  Our videos tours provide the opportunity to see a sample minisuite.

What is the difference between a townhouse apartment and a standard apartment space?

Townhouse apartments are available in Channing Bowditch and Martinez Commons, and have a higher rate than standard apartment spaces in these locations.  Townhouse apartments are multi-floor apartments with larger footprints and more space.  Townhouses also include more bathrooms than standard, one-level apartments.

How does self room selection (Room Draw) work? Do I still have to apply for housing?

Yes, any continuing student interested in self room-selection (Room Draw) must apply for housing online. Once you have accepted the offer from the Assignments Office you will receive a self room-selection time slot. In late April, you will be able to select your room online through the Housing portal.

Are the floors and bathrooms single gender?

For the most part, the shared bathrooms in the residence halls are all gender; however, there are some floors in the Units that are single gender (with single-gender bathrooms). The third and fifth floors of Martinez Commons have both single gender and all gender bathrooms. Shared bathrooms in suites in the Units and Clark Kerr are single gender. Foothill suites with five or less bathrooms are single gender. Stern Hall is single gender.  Apartments are all gender specific, unless a student has requested a gender inclusive apartment.

When and how do we find out if we get housing?

All contracts will be sent via email, so make sure your email address is up to date. Continuing students apply first, then new freshmen (including Fall Program for Freshmen students), and new transfer students. On average, students are offered housing a month or so after the application deadline.

Can I apply for only fall or only spring semester?

If you apply for housing for the fall semester your contract will be for the full academic year (see next question for one exception), which means August through May. If you are not going to be living with us in the fall, you can apply for housing for just the spring semester at a later date (usually in early October).

I will be studying abroad during spring semester. Can I still apply for housing?

Yes. You will need to sign a full-year contract and then provide us with a letter of acceptance to your program and a Contract Cancellation Request Form. Do this early in the fall semester in order to cancel your housing contract for the spring semester (when you will be studying abroad).

Can I stay in the same room I'm in now? If so, do I have to move out during the summer?

If you are assigned to the same room type as you are in now, you can select the same room next year, provided the room is available during the room selection process; however, you will not have any special priority to choose this room. If you do choose the same room, you will still be required to completely vacate the room during the summer months. 

How do I get a rental verification?

For all rental verifications, please send an email to BusOps@berkeley.edu with the subject line "Rental Verification," and a Student Affairs Cashier's team member will process the verification.