New Sequoia Apartments

2441 Haste St., Berkeley, CA 94704

Furnished units include:

  • Double occupancy in a 1 Bedroom/1 Bath
  • Single occupancy in a 2 Bedroom/1 Bath
  • Double occupancy in a 2 Bedroom/1 Bath

New Sequoia is a new structure with 42 apartments on five stories. These apartments are designed in a U-shaped building around a courtyard. They offer an independent living environment, and at the same time are just a few blocks from campus. The majority of the units are double-occupancy bedrooms in two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments or double-occupancy bedrooms in one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments. There are 33 single-occupancy spaces in two-bedroom, one-bath apartments. These spaces will be assigned to students according to eligibility and lottery number. All apartments are single gender. Residents may prepare their own meals or purchase a Nonresident Meal Plan to enjoy Cal Dining's services at several locations nearby.

New Sequoia Apartments

  • Student Capacity: 116
  • 2 Staff, 42 Units
  • Each Apartment is Single Gender; All-Gender Facility
  • Single beds are full size
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shared kitchen and living/dining area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outside courtyard
  • In-building coin-operated laundry
  • Covered bicycle parking (limited)

Fully Furnished Apartments

Bedroom • extra long bed, desk, desk chair, desk lamp, dresser, closet kitchen • full refrigerator, microwave, stove, four burners, kitchen table, and chairs

Living Room • couch, coffee table, end table, side chair, TV stand, accent rug

Shared bathroom with bathtub/shower

Utilities are included. No cable service.

Please note that living/dining and kitchen areas are considered University common space and may be subject to routine health and safety searches. No cleaning services offered.

Sequoia Apartments - Interior 

2017-18 Projected Rates

  • Double occupancy in 1 Bed/1 Bath (Shared APT of 2 persons) = $14,560/year per person ($1,456 per month)*
  • Single occupancy in 2 Bed/1 Bath (Shared APT of 2 persons) = $15,600/year per person ($1,560 per month)*
  • Single occupancy in 2 Bed/1 Bath (Shared APT of 3 persons)= $14,040/year per person ($1,404 per month)*
  • Double occupancy in 2 Bed/1 Bath (Shared APT of 3 persons)= $11,960/year per person ($1,196 per month)*
  • Double occupancy in 2 Bed/1 Bath (Shared APT of 4 persons) = $10,920/year per person ($1,092 per month)*

*Full Academic Year contract cost is divided into 10 equal installments of the monthly rent shown.

New Sequoia Apartments are considered on-campus apartments for budgetary purposes with the Financial Aid office. This apartment building will remain open for the winter break.

New Sequoia FAQs:
What utilities are included in the cost for a New Sequoia room?

All gas, electric, water, trash, and internet is covered in the cost of the New Sequoia apartments. 

What size linens will I need to bring?

All beds at New Sequoia are XL Twin in size.

How do I set up cable TV?

You will need to contact Comcast directly to setup cable TV for your apartment.