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2539 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Nexus exterior

Located on the Southside on Telegraph Avenue, Panoramic Berkeley is a new structure only 5 blocks from the UC Berkeley Campus–just a 6-minute walk! Panoramic Berkeley offers an independent living environment in single occupancy bedrooms. All apartments are fully furnished with efficient and modern design. These spaces will be assigned to students according to eligibility and lottery number. All apartments are single gender.


  • Nine- month contracts available to undergraduate students
  • Twelve-month leases available to graduate students
  • Furnished bedrooms and living areas
  • Built-in storage in each unit
  • Stainless steel Energy Star appliances
  • Lounge space for study and social gatherings


  • Oversized and operable windows
  • Sustainable materials and construction methods
  • High-efficiency lighting and low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Individually controlled heat and ventillation
  • Bathroom towel warmer
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Engineered soundproofing
  • Roof-top deck and central courtyard
  • Laundry in Building
  • Bike storage for residents
  • Automated Luxor One parcel delivery

Nexus image - kitchen

Nexus image - living area

Nexus image - bathroom

Nexus image - single bed

Nexus image - single room  Nexus image - room closet
Please note that rooms may vary in size and layout. These models depict only one example of each room type and do not represent all rooms. For a more thorough list on what is provided in each apartment and for floor plans, please see the Panoramic FAQs below.

Meal Plans

Apartment contracts do not include a meal plan. Undergraduate students living in off-campus housing or in university-owned/affiliated apartments may purchase an off-campus meal plan. Graduate/Extension students may purchase a Graduate/Extension meal planStudents can also use their Cal 1 Card to enjoy Cal Dining's services at any of the 4 dining commons and several on-campus restaurants and convenience stores.

Note: Panoramic Apartments are considered on-campus apartments for budgetary purposes with the Financial Aid Office. This apartment building remains open for the winter break and room rates are inclusive of occupancy during this time period.

No Smoking Policy

UC Berkeley is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free environment for students, faculty, and staff. Accordingly, no smoking is permitted in student rooms, or inside buildings, including lounges, balconies and breezeways, and stairways. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated areas.


Panoramic Berkeley FAQs
What do 4 bedroom/1.5 bath apartments look like?

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

What does a 4 bedroom/1 bath apartment look like?

Each 4 bedroom/1 bath apartment has an ADA accessible shower.

What does a 5 bedroom/1.5 bath apartment look like?

What furnishings and fixtures are provided in each bedroom?
  1. One (1) twin bed
  2. One (1) desk and chair
  3. Two (2) wardrobes
  4. Underbed drawers
What furnishings and fixtures are provided within each apartment unit?
  1. One (1) table & two (2)-four (4) chairs, depending on Unit size
  2. One (1) loveseat
  3. One (1) coffee table
  4. One (1) refrigerator
  5. One (1) microwave/convection oven
  6. One (1) dishwasher
  7. One (1) cooktop with two (2) burners
  8. One (1) broom closet & pantry
  9. One (1) medicine cabinet per each bathroom within a Unit
For Graduate Students
What does a sample Panoramic Berkeley lease look like?

2020-2021 Panoramic Berkeley Lease (Graduate Students only)

2021-2022 Panoramic Berkeley Lease (Graduate Students only)