Single Student Graduate Apartment FAQs

When can I apply for Manville and Jackson House (Single Student Graduate Apartments)?

Graduate housing applications open in early February for the following academic year, but there is no ‘deadline’ -- Graduate housing applications are ongoing.

How are applications prioritized in Manville and Jackson House?

First year JD law students receive priority in Manville; certain fellowships receive priority in Jackson House, and LLM students receive priority in Shattuck Studios. However, any full-time registered single graduate student (i.e. without a family, dependents, etc.) is eligible and welcome to apply.  The earliest applicants receive priority across all categories.

How do I apply for the Single Student Graduate Apartments?

After accepting your offer of Admissions and obtaining your Calnet ID and password, you can apply for Jackson House and Manville via the housing portal:  Once you have signed in (using your Calnet credentials and password) and are on the Profile Summary page, choose the Single Student Apartments option.  If you do not see the Single Student Apartments option, it most likely means your student classification is not coded correctly (i.e. you may be incorrectly classified as an undergraduate or as a summer session student).  You can contact or call (510) 643-3716 to correct your classification.  If you are unable to reach me and would like immediate assistance, you can also contact our front desk at (510) 642-4108 or  

Is graduate housing guaranteed?

Graduate housing is not guaranteed. We truly wish we could accommodate everyone, but availability is limited and demand is high.

If I do not receive a housing offer initially, what happens to my application?

All students who do not receive a housing offer will be placed on a wait list.  Additionally, if there are cancellations throughout the year, wait listed students will be contacted about vacancies.

What is the lease duration?

Leases are 12 months long and generally begin early August for Jackson House and mid August for Manville.  However, you can choose any start date you would like, including a summer start date prior to August.  Do not select Summer Sessions when applying unless you are a Summer LLM.  

Is subleasing permitted?

No, subleasing is not permitted.  Violation of this policy may result in eviction, legal fees, and/or conduct charges.  For more information regarding subleasing and other policies, please refer to the ‘sample lease’ link on both the Jackson House and Manville pages of our website.

Are Jackson House and Manville furnished, and do they include utilities?

Jackson House is furnished and utilities are included, and Manville is not furnished nor does it include utilities.  For more information, please refer to the following link for Jackson House and the following link for Manville.  

Do you offer tours?

No, we do not offer tours of the Single Student Graduate Apartments, but you are welcome to view both Jackson House and Manville from the outside.

How do I get a rental verification?

For all rental verifications, please send an email to with the subject line "Rental Verification," and a Student Affairs Cashier's team member will process the verification.