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Housing Updates for 2021-22 and COVID-19 Response

FSH Wait List & Transfer Information

Transfer Policy

I. New eligible applicants receive priority over Family Student Housing applicants who wish to transfer.

II. Transfer requests from tenants who are current in rent may be considered for one of the following reasons:

  1. Resident Director or Staff mediated agreement.
  2. Disability or medical condition accommodation request with documentation (find the accommodation form at housing.berkeley.edu/forms).
  3. Change in family size (transfer to a unit with more or fewer bedrooms, depending upon whether family size has increased or decreased).
  4. Emergency maintenance issue.
  5. Documented change in finances from when rental agreement was signed.

III. Transfers will NOT be approved if tenant has less than 6 months remaining in program. 

Wait-list General Information

Assignments for Family Student Housing apartments are determined in chronological order. The length of time you remain on the wait list depends on your family size, the type of apartment you request, and your move-in date. The wait for apartments varies according to demand. The greatest demand (and longest wait) for housing is in August at the beginning of the fall semester and in January at the beginning of the spring semester. 

Since our tenants are on a month-to-month agreement, we typically do not know what is available until we receive their 30-day vacate notice. Therefore, we usually are aware of availability about a month before you need housing. We typically try to make offers about a month before want dates, pending availability, wait list length and apartment preferences as indicated by each applicant.

To Remain on the Wait List
  • Revisit your application and update your account if you have any changes in address, telephone number, assignment preferences, family size, or other information
  • Update your “preferred move-in date” on the Apartment Preferences step of your application if your “preferred move-in date” has passed. Note that your application will be automatically cancelled if the “preferred move-in date” you indicated has expired by three months.
  • Respond promptly to any apartment offers by contacting Apartment Assignments: apts@berkeley.edu