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Summer COVID-19 Testing Requirement

For Summer 2022 (Sunday, May 22 – Friday, August 12), please follow these COVID-19 testing guidelines. You will receive more details about these plans by email.

All campus housing residents will be provided with a free COVID-19 at-home rapid test kit during check-in.  Upon checking in on your move-in date, it is required  that the test is taken within the first hour of receiving your keys. Once you have taken the test, you will need to provide us confirmation by filling out an online attestation form that will be provided to you. If the test result is positive, follow University Health Service’s (UHS) instructions given with the kit.  UHS strongly recommends all residents to take a UHS PCR test within three days of check-in. 

For all students living in the residence halls (including suites and mini-suites) and campus apartments:

  1. Within the first hour of checking in to campus housing, take the COVID-19 rapid result test that was provided to you during check-in. All students living in campus housing are required to complete this rapid test and fill out the online attestation form confirming you have taken the test. If the test is positive, follow UHS’s instructions provided on the online attestation form.
  2. Within three days of checking in to summer housing, it is strongly recommended you get a University Health Services (UHS) COVID-19 PCR test on campus. You can make an appointment ahead of time via eTang.

As a reminder, UHS COVID-19 PCR surveillance testing is still required for any students who are not fully vaccinated, or booster eligible but not yet boosted, or who have an approved exemption.

If you’d like additional rapid antigen tests you can purchase them at the UHS pharmacy for $7. Rapid antigen tests are now eligible for reimbursement through health insurance (including SHIP Insurance).