Summer Bridge

Congratulations on your acceptance to Cal! Now is the time to apply for your summer housing!

Summer Bridge students live together in a shared residential complex just one block from campus! Professional and student staff live on-site and provide enriching programs and activities to facilitate a sense of community among Bridge students.

For more information please see the FAQs below.

Summer Bridge Housing FAQs
How do I apply?

Congratulations on your acceptance to Cal! To get started on your summer housing application, new students must enroll and create their Berkeley campus identification (CalNet ID) before they can access the housing application portal. For undergraduates, this process is handled through Cal Central.

It may take a few days for your CalNet ID to activate. After it does, you will be able to log into the Housing Application portal.

Step-by-step process on submitting your Summer housing application:

Step 1: Log into the portal.

Step 2: At the top click on "Apply for Housing." This will take you to the main Application page.

Step 3: Apply for the "Summer 2019" application. Hit Save & Continue

Step 4: Please review Phase 1 Instructions and indicate what housing you need. This step is very important as this will notify the housing team to place you with your fellow program participants in the right location. Please be sure to indicate that you are applying for Summer Bridge housing. Hit Save & Continue

Step 5: Please complete the housing needs page. 

Step 6: Submit any roommate requests. Individual applicants may request specific roommate preference(s) by completing the "Manage Roommate" step of the Phase 1 portion of the online application. Roommate preferences must be mutual, students must be of the same gender, and must accept a contract for the same room type in order for the request to be considered by the Summer Sessions Housing Office. Hit Save & Continue.

Step 7: Your application has been fully submitted! Students cannot access phase 2 until an offer is sent. Once an offer is ready for review, you will be notified via email.

Please note: Summer Bridge students will not have to pay the $300 Advance Payment upfront as it will be deferred until Financial Aid disburses 1 week prior to your session's start date. 

For Step by Step Instructions with screenshots, please see Summer Bridge Application Process.

What is my Summer Bridge housing application deadline?

The Summer Bridge housing application is due on Friday, May 17th 5pm in order to receive priority housing. We will accept late applicants, however your preferenced room type may no longer be available as we provide housing based on first come, first serve. 

How are Summer Bridge housing assignments determined?

Summer Bridge housing assignments are based on first come, first serve. All Bridge students will be placed in double rooms over the summer.

When will I receive my housing offer?

Summer Bridge students will receive their housing offer within one week after their housing application deadline.

What should I do after I receive my offer?

After receiving your offer via email, log back into the portal to review your contract and Terms and Conditions

Once you have reviewed your contract, complete the final steps of the application and accept your offer. 

Students must accept the housing offer by their deadline or their offer will be cancelled.

Please note: Summer Bridge students will not have to pay the $300 Advance Payment upfront as it will be deferred until Financial Aid disburses 1 week prior to your session's start date. 

Where are Summer Bridge students projected to be housed over the summer?

Summer Bridge students are projected to be housed at Blackwell Hall located only one block from campus! This complex includes communal lounges, restrooms, an office mailroom, onsite gym, onsite laundry access, and an Academic Success Center.  

Amenities & Services

Bridge rooms are projected to be double occupancy and include the following for each occupant:

• Extra-long twin bed & mattress

• Desk, chair, closet, wastebasket

• Micro-chill

• Carpet free rooms

• Ceiling fan

The general residence hall facilities include:

•  Dining commons across the street(Café 3)

• On-site Academic Success Center

• Laundry facilities

• Study lounges 

• In-room wireless connections

• Daily custodial services in common areas

• Mail and package services

• 24-hour security programs

• Non-smoking rooms and buildings


What is the Summer Bridge Housing Rate?

Summer Bridge Projected 2019 Housing Rates are the following:

Session D: $3,267.00

Rates are inclusive of a standard meal plan.

Residential Expectations
Bridge scholars are expected to actively contribute to a healthy and safe residential community. Scholars are further expected to:
• Honor the UC Berkeley principles of community
• Create and maintain mutual roommate agreements
• Attend required floor and hall meetings
What should I bring?

Personal data and documents

• Student ID number
• CalNet log-in and passphrase
• Passport, driver's license, or state-issued identification card
• Social security number
• ATM and/or bank card
• Health insurance card
• Important medical documents (e.g. prescriptions, immunization history, etc.)

University documents

Any documents you have been asked to submit in person, e.g. proof of citizenship, disability documentation, etc.

For your room

• Clothes
• Bed sheets (extra-long twin)
• Towels, shower basket, shower shoes, toiletries
• Hangers, iron, laundry basket, detergent
• Alarm clock
• Personal decorations

Scholars may bring a computer for convenience, or use the on-site computing facility. Cars are not recommended given limited parking; however, all scholars receive a local bus pass.

Scholars may not bring mini-fridges, microwaves, cooking equipment, candles, halogen lamps, pets, weapons, or illegal drugs.