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How to Apply for Housing: New Students

Congratulations on your achievements, Golden Bear! For students applying for housing the first time, it’s helpful to understand the application process, so please review the steps below to ensure you’re informed about important details. When you’re prepped and ready, you can apply through our Housing Application portal. We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Important Note: When you apply for campus housing, you must meet the deadlines. Residence Hall application and contract offer deadlines are strictly enforced.

  • If you miss your deadline to apply, there is no guarantee that we will be able to offer you a space. 
  • If you miss your deadline to accept your contract offer, there is no guarantee that we will be able to send you another offer.
  • Late applicants and students who miss their contract deadlines will be added to a wait list, to be assisted as space allows.

Please note that you’ll be assessed a nonrefundable $40 processing fee for Residence Hall applications.

Application Tip: Always choose “any room size, any location” as the fifth choice on your application to ensure you’re considered for all contract offers.

Note: Cal Housing normally ensures priority housing consideration for new incoming students, but it is not possible to fully predict how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect operations in student housing and residential life for Academic Year 2021 ⁠–2022. Consequently, we cannot guarantee housing priority for new incoming students at this time, but we are committed to supporting students if they want to live on or near campus.

Housing Application Phase 1
Housing Application Phase 2