How to Apply for Housing: New Students

When you apply for campus housing, you must meet the deadlines. Residence Hall application and contract offer deadlines are strictly enforced. If you miss your deadline to apply, there is no guarantee that we will be able to offer you a space. If you miss your deadline to accept your contract offer, there is no guarantee that we will be able to send you another offer. Late applicants and students who miss their contract deadlines will be added to a wait list, to be assisted as space allows. Please note that you'll be assessed a nonrefundable $30 processing fee for Residence Hall applications.

WATCH: video tutorials on how to fill out the housing application

1. Accept your offer of Admission and create your CalNet ID.​

New students (undergraduate and graduate) must enroll and create their Berkeley campus identification (CalNet ID) before they can access the housing application portal. For undergraduates, this process is handled through CalCentral.

It may take a few days for your CalNet ID to activate; after it does you will be able to log into the Housing Application portal.

2. Indicate your housing choices, including “any room size, any location” as a preference.

You’ll have five choices on your housing application, but be flexible in your options! Newly admitted students must indicate “any room size, any location” as a preference to ensure their housing guarantee is not voided. You can make the “any room size, any location” your fifth choice.  Students who do not indicate “any room size, any location” jeopardize their housing guarantee.

3. Be prepared to submit an essay if you want theme housing.

You may select up to three theme houses, and you need to submit a short essay (up to 500 words) for each, explaining why you want to participate in theme housing.

4. Indicate any special needs.

Housing staff make every effort to accommodate, but it helps to know as far in advance as possible about any special needs, so give this some thought. Some past requests have included: automatic door openers, consideration for special medical conditions (asthma, allergies, chronic illness), or consideration for a service animal.

5. Submit a roommate profile.

Within the Housing application, you’ll be asked to answer questions that will help match you with a suitable roommate. You also may submit the name of someone with whom you wish to room; however, you must submit his/her name and student ID (or screen name and birth date), and they also must submit yours. Continuing students are able to search profiles for roommates.

6. Submit your application by the deadline and wait for your offer!

After your application is submitted, Housing will process and extend an offer that you will view and accept through the housing portal.